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Midtown Manhattan feels familiar even before you set foot there. New York’s a city the whole world grows up with. Through the cinema — sorry, movies — we’ve all walked in its skyscrapers’ shadows, seen the bright lights of Broadway, and whistled down a yellow taxi on Fifth.

Anthony Wainwright loved this great city. It marked the final point of his world tour before flying back to London. He took time out to photograph the Empire State Building, noting at the time it was the “tallest in the world”.

Those sleek art deco, tapering lines — like those of the Chrysler nearby — reflect a law passed in 1916 to allow maximum light to reach the sidewalks. Now they’ve inspired two towering Ashoka cut diamond rings, one at ten carats and one at a stately fourteen.

It had to be Ashoka of course. New York is where these exceptional stones are cut by our good friends in the Goldberg family.

Above: New York inspired rings featuring Ashoka cut diamonds of over 14 and 10 carats each (from left to right), POA



Cuba has the power to seduce you. The fluid lines of Art Deco mansions; the chrome glinting Plymouths and Buicks; the colonial, cobblestone streets. And light, always bending around you from the shimmering, tropical sun.

Hot pops of colour from car hoods and bright facades have inspired our Havana ring. One of the most exceptional stones we have ever come across. This unique vivid orange diamond sparkles on yellow gold, radiating white diamonds beneath a rock crystal inlay highlighted by a sensual ceramic curve. You can see them all through this transparent layer: there’s an exuberant gloss to their gleam.

It’s a high-shine, seize-the-day attitude — befitting Cuba Libre’s revolutionary dream. And it’s a dream here distilled into a gorgeous, glowing diamond. So radiant, so resplendent, so deliciously juicy.

Ring: A Havana inspired ring featuring a pear-shaped orange diamond of over three carats, with rock crystal, enamel detail and white diamonds, POA



These stones hold an icy white hardness; they deliver amazing refraction. It seems something of a paradox to behold their fierce flame; a bright blaze in a pool of fresh water.

Patagonia resolves the impossibility. One region spanning two nations, where volcanoes and glaciers exist side-by-side. Breezes blow through cordillera; vast mountain ranges of plateaux, valleys and ridges. We’ve scaled these in our central white diamond: a dazzling square cut stone of 10 carats, with six trilliant cut diamonds at its shoulders.

And the patterned geometry around the trilliant cuts weaves a blanket inspired by traditional Mapuche textiles. This ring is like a shard from the ice fields. Immutable. Ice hard. And blazing.

Ring: A Patagonia inspired ring featuring a square step cut diamond of over 10 carats, with white trilliant cut diamonds and pink and white brilliant cut diamonds, POA

Big Sur


Head out to California’s Big Sur - a 90 mile stretch of coast, nestled between Monterey and San Luis Obispo - and discover Pfeiffer Beach, known for its purple-hued sands. Breathtaking and unreal as a dream. It has inspired this astonishing ring featuring an intense purplish pink diamond just over three carats. When it comes to stones making a splash, they don’t get much bigger than this.

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