Our Collections


With its shimmering cascades of diamonds, Raindance is reminiscent of sprinkled raindrops glistening in the sun.


With its 62 facets, this coveted diamond is renowned for both its rarity and incomparable sparkle.

Be Boodles

Mirrored pairs of diamond-set B motifs illustrate the delicate balance between sheer and opaque, imitating the curving lines of the antique lace.


The Roulette collection's diamond circle motif is a playful twist on the classic eternity ring.

Love Letters

Our pretty, personalised Love Letter pendants, decorated with dainty diamond-set wings, allow you to wear a letter connected to your name, or that of someone special, close to your heart.


With all the lightness and delicacy of a sun dappled spring morning, Blossom has characteristic white and rose gold petals that sparkle with diamond dew drops.


Decorated with delicate diamond droplets which flow like a waterfall over each piece of jewellery, an intense light is the lure of this collection.


Naturally beautiful and inspired by the silhouette of a pine cone, Woodland reminds us of why we love nature and all its wonders.


Yellow and white gold baubles form a pattern reflective of traditional mosaic designs delicately edging a pave diamond circular surround.


Boodles Jazz collection - harking back to the glory of the Age of Jazz with its decorative cut glass and glamorous chandeliers.


Ribbons of yellow, rose and white flow delicately towards dazzling Ashoka cut diamonds.

The Knot

Inspired by the delicate intricacy of a traditional sailor's knot, this classic collection draws upon the ancient maritime symbol of love.


This collection is inspired by a feeling: that wonderful freedom of being on a beach holiday – knowing there’s nothing more pressing to contend with than choosing a restaurant for lunch.

Be You

This collection is about that self-confidence. Delta motifs in yellow gold relief – or ‘fastforwarding’ in brilliant cut diamonds – convey a sense of momentum and purpose. Keep going, and you’ll accomplish your goals.

Secret Garden

Boodles has extended its much-loved Secret Garden collection to celebrate its involvement with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Explore the range of designs from white gold pendants to diamond rings.


Inspiration can strike you from anywhere. If you’re curious and outgoing, and interested in life, it tends to strike rather a lot. So when our Head of Design, Rebecca Hawkins, saw Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous notebooks in a museum in Florence, she found herself sketching ideas in a book of her own. Fascinated by the pulleys and levers in his scientific diagrams, she created this collection, inspired by the fabulous Florentine.


The Firework collection was inspired by the explosions of colour and energy created by the outburst of fireworks in the night sky. There is a sense of organised chaos to them, being unpredictable yet knowingly beautiful.