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The Family

We’ve been different from the very beginning. No other luxury brand hails from Liverpool, or has been steered by six generations of the same family over two hundred years. Even now, our presence on Bond Street is exceptional in that we’re the only family-owned British jeweller.

With brothers Nicholas and Michael Wainwright at the helm, and cousins Jody, James and Honour representing the 6th generation of the family in the business, meet the faces who are keeping Boodles in the family.

Nicholas Wainwright


Nicholas Wainwright has been working at Boodles for nearly 50 years and he is now the Chairman of the company. He remains 100% active and involved and his role is as diverse as ever, as he takes an interest in every aspect of the business, from mentoring staff to hosting events, meeting customers and visiting the Boodles shops.

Perhaps his true passion lies in the work he does with the Design Department, an area he is devoted to and very enthusiastic about.

Nicholas is determined that each generation of the family and each new undertaking within Boodles will be better than the last. He is focussed on driving the business forward and encouraging the next generation and younger directors to be instrumental in this progress.

Michael Wainwright

Managing Director

After nearly 35 years at Boodles, Michael says he has never thought of doing anything else. As the Managing Director of the company he has an interest in all aspects of the business - from product creation and delivery, to the shops and staff and through to the more strategic issues such as the future direction and expansion of the company.

Michael is very aware that his father preserved and kept the business for himself and his brother Nicholas and he too feels the business is something to be looked after for future generations.

Boodles Directors

Jody Wainwright


“I particularly enjoy being involved in the sale of a piece of jewellery, when I remember where I first saw the stone and why I bought it - what drove me to it. It completes the story and the journey that was somehow imagined and allows me to share and pass on the unique emotion a beautiful stone can carry within it.”

Like all four directors, Jody is involved in many areas of the Boodles business but it is the discovery and acquisition of Boodles diamonds and precious gemstones to which his energy and passion are predominantly devoted. For Jody, finding a really remarkable diamond is just like falling in love.

James Amos


James Amos joined Boodles nearly 15 years ago and following a number of years managing the Harrods boutique, and then the Dublin shop, he has now established himself in his role as Marketing Director for the company.

James finds so many areas of the business interesting, but it is the development of the Boodles brand and the strategic decisions behind the growth of the business that really excite him.

Honour Wainwright

Honour Wainwright is the newest member of the family to join and the first female member in Boodles history! And how does Honour feel about joining the family firm? "I've literally grown up in Boodles; it's been Dad's job throughout my whole life. And I know that the issues that matter most to my generation - like environmental sustainability, doing business ethically - have always mattered to my father, my uncle and cousins. But of course, I couldn't be more excited than to be joining Boodles and having the chance to make my own mark on the business in the years ahead".

As the business enters its sixth generation within the same family, we have no intention of selling. We see ourselves as caretakers of the Boodles legacy for future generations - maintaining our reputation as the most exciting British fine jeweller, and doing our very best to excel at every stage of the journey.

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