Les Sables Roses

French Polynesia

The world will always look rose-tinted from the perspective of a pink diamond. Particularly one that’s as pretty as this. A natural fancy pink diamond — just over 10 carats and extremely rare — it forms the centrepiece of our ‘Les Sables Roses’ ring.

We’re simply spellbound by this magical, pink-sanded beach on the French Polynesian atoll, Rangiroa. An hour’s flight further on from Tahiti, you could say it’s a tad tucked away. We prefer to think of it as the perfect Boodles retreat. A spot for people more than happy in each other’s company, with a glistening, candyfloss shoreline. Life really doesn’t get sweeter.

Certainly, pink-sanded beaches are rare — almost as rare as pink natural fancy diamonds. (Something like just one in a million possess colour deep enough to qualify for that name.) And a natural fancy pink diamond of over 10 carats? You’d have to go to the ends of the earth.

Ring: A French Polynesia inspired ring featuring a very rare pear-shaped pink diamond of over 10 carats and surrounded by further white and pink diamonds


One of the very last Argyle pinks from the famed Australian mine has been brought from its depths to the daylight.

This ring carries one of its stones — perfectly pink, and just a touch off one carat. But it’s the band here that rounds off the story. It’s inspired by Australia’s indigenous arts, and dreamtime tradition stretching back for more than 50,000 years.

Here, two waves of pink and white diamonds interlock in a smooth, snakelike pattern, cut into rose gold and platinum. Aboriginal art has many layers of meaning. Should you have the good fortune to wear it, we hope you’ll imbue it with your own hidden tales.

Ring: An Australia inspired ring featuring a one carat cushion-shaped diamond, set in platinum and rose gold, POA



‘The Rocks’ are really where Sydney started. Just below today’s Harbour Bridge, they’re the spot at which Captain Arthur Phillip stood when he established Sydney Town in 1788 — ten years before Boodles set sail. So despite the many leagues from Liverpool, the city seems like a long lost cousin.

Today Sydney is well known for its vibrancy, and in a setting inspired by the Opera House, an internally flawless, pear-shaped diamond at just under seven carats takes centre-stage and sings an aria to the diamantaire’s art.

Pavé set diamonds dance around it, glistening like a shoal of bright fish. As they leap beside the prima donna diamond, they mirror the billowing form of the Opera House’s sail-like, sculpted vaults.



“Trees grow through the ceiling,” wrote Anthony Wainwright below his photograph of a Honolulu hotel. The Hawaii he visited in 1962 was a place of sun, surf and palm trees, then as now. And at the newly built ‘Hawaiian Village’, trees literally grew through the entrance hall ceiling.

Those playful palms have formed our inspiration, their leaves rising in gold relief around a vibrant green peridot. It’s a stone said to possess healing properties; the gemmological equivalent of an island escape. And it’s sometimes found around the Big Island, deep below the surface of the sea. This ring is our break from the city: a voyage into a tranquil, palm tree covered world.

Ring: A Hawaii inspired ring featuring a cushion-shaped peridot of over 14 carats, in yellow gold, £25,500.

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