Pink is our colour — as it is the colour of Jaipur’s famous pink palace, Hawa Mahal.

And so, this ring has a delicious pink morganite of almost 21 carats placed proudly at its centre. Oval cut and exquisitely pretty, there’s something magical about the way it charms light.

The pink palace was built in 1799, making it just a year younger than Boodles.
At the time, noblewomen observed pardah — the practice of staying veiled from prying eyes. That’s the reason for the palace’s many latticed windows — 953 to be precise. Known as jharokhas, these let the princesses gaze on public life without the perceived risk of jeopardising their modesty.

Ring: A Jaipur inspired ring featuring an oval-shaped morganite of over 20 carats and brilliant cut diamonds, set in rose gold, £95,000



Japan was a highlight in Anthony Wainwright’s around-the-world trip, with more pages of his album devoted to this country than anywhere else. It’s also beloved by our Head of Design, Rebecca Hawkins, who sketched the gardens of Kyoto on her honeymoon.

Dry rock gardens called karesansui are set out to inspire contemplation. They’ve inspired the form of this ring — with pretty diamonds flowing along a gold band and rippling towards a mesmerizing deep green emerald, then breaking like waves around an island. Such mizu-mon or ‘water patterns in the gravel’ date back more than 900 years and will live long in our Kyoto ring too.

Ring: A Kyoto inspired ring featuring a one-of-a-kind emerald of over 11 carats and brilliant cut diamonds, set in yellow gold and platinum, POA


‘Elegant and unique, yet simple in appearance.’ That’s how the architects behind Singapore’s Helix Bridge described their vision for the final creation.

Its spiralling, twin-helix structure is a highlight of Marina Bay. Initially known as ‘the Necklace’, it has now inspired a new Boodles ring. Yet what stretches for 280 metres above the Singapore River now fits beautifully upon your own hand.

That’s not the only artistic licence at play here. We’ve taken liberties in our choice of materials, replacing stainless steel with strands of cool platinum. And the bridge’s glimmer of white lights and glass is now magnified — in a three and a half-carat Ashoka cut diamond.

Ring: A Singapore inspired ring featuring a main Ashoka cut diamond of over three carats and pink and white brilliant cut diamonds, POA

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