Arabian Peninsula



Byzantine headdresses and crowns inspired the flow of this piece. At its heart, a 2 carat cushion shape ruby, rising like the dome of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque.

Emeralds imply its tall towers. It’s a sight (to quote the Emperor Justinian) worthy of Solomon’s works.



Ptolemy talked about Muscat in the second century AD. He spoke of it as a ‘hidden harbour,’ and this port capital on the Gulf of Oman is a place at which we are thrilled to drop anchor. Not least because its stunning Grand Mosque inspired this harmonious ring.

Two matched Ashoka cut diamonds shape a sparkling window on the world. To see them is to stand amidst dazzling marble, light-reflecting with pitch-perfect clarity as arches repeat arabesques. Pink diamonds keep time with their rhythmic notes.

This mathematical precision, this stylized symmetry, would no doubt please sage, ancient scholars. But like the patterns inside a lush Omani pomegranate, it’s a sight at which a child would take pleasure.

Ring: A Muscat inspired ring featuring white Ashoka cut and pink brilliant cut diamonds, set in platinum and rose gold, £55,000

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