Keeping it in the Family

The feeling that Boodles is a family company comes through in everything that we do. If you talk to anyone who works at Boodles they’ll say that being there feels like being part of a family. This isn’t some heavily drilled corporate mantra: it comes from working in an environment where Nicholas, Michael, Jody and James understand that nothing beats the personal touch.


This deeply held conviction is what inspired the idea for Boodles latest campaign — touching upon family, and jewellery’s special place in it — with well-known family members — the iconic British supermodel Yasmin Le Bon and her eldest daughter Amber, a DJ and model in her own right.

In these past few arduous years, living through a pandemic; family have proved to be more important than ever, and Yasmin and Amber tell our story perfectly.

‘Jewellery should tell a story Amber says, there should be a tale behind each and every piece’ I like the idea that it lasts forever, and it is so lovely to think of my jewellery as an heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation, in a way, just like Boodles as a company has been passed down the family from the very birth of it in 1798.

Yasmin and Amber Le Bon wear Ashoka

‘Jewellery should tell a story, there should be a tale behind each and every piece’

Amber Le Bon

Conveyed through the campaign is a strong sense of the importance of jewellery in creating memories, and telling stories. Yasmin expresses that ‘jewellery needs to be worn, it needs to have a life, you need to give it a tale to tell’, and Amber agrees that ‘memories and jewellery go hand in hand together.’

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The Boodles Raindance collection
The Boodles AShoka Collection

This year we have some exciting new extensions to some of our most loved collections such as Raindance and Secret Garden. All of course using SMO gold so our customers can wear their jewellery with pride knowing that the metal is one hundred percent traceable and ethically sourced.

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