Diamond Guide

At Boodles we’re captivated by diamonds, and search the world for the best. This isn’t mere pastime. Our curiosity has made us one of the world’s experts. We would like to share some of that knowledge.

The Four C's


Ah yes, the four C’s. Cut, colour, clarity and carat are the barometers by which the world judges the beauty of a diamond. And then, of course, there are the other C’s that we take just as seriously: certification, creativity & confidence.

Three More C’s


This is generally a good guide to the unique physical properties of diamonds. However, it should not be used as an indication of a diamond’s physical appeal. At Boodles, every diamond is handpicked by one of our trained experts and we reject a high proportion of diamonds of appropriate certification when we see them. We always emphasise that the certificate should only be one small part of your choice. There’s no certificate on earth that will explain quite why you love one ring more than another. Boodles diamonds are generally certified over three quarters of a carat, and this is something we are always happy to explain.


A beautiful stone deserves a beautiful setting, and how a stone is mounted can dramatically alter its appearance. Today, design is important in every aspect of our lives and particularly in something we wear all the time. Multi-stone rings and elegantly themed designs are our speciality. Boodles designers are as skilled as they are inspired — and have notched up awards to prove it. Their passion is to create a ring that is uniquely right for you.


Boodles creates your ring from start to finish. We choose the diamonds individually, based on over 200 years experience. We design the setting on our drawing board and carefully craft the precious metal and set the stones one by one. We quality control every stage and only when we are thrilled by the result do we allow the ring out to one of our showrooms. You won’t find our rings anywhere else but a Boodles showroom: we fiercely guard our reputation for fair dealing, honesty and service.

Caring for your Ring
A Boodles engagement ring deserves a lifetime of the best possible care. Ask us for a complimentary clean or check-up, or perhaps some advice. We are always there for when you want to come back and see us.

Boodles Policy on Conflict Diamonds

All of our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We deal with reputable suppliers whom we know and trust and who guarantee their diamonds are non-conflict.

Visit a Boodles Showroom
From our showrooms throughout London, to our branches in the North West of England and Dublin, you can be sure of expert, friendly and bespoke service when you come to see us in person.