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Introducing Boodles latest men’s jewellery collections

Celebrating the resurgence of men’s love of jewellery. Whilst throughout history men have worn jewellery, from mighty kings and Maharajas to Harry Styles’ love of pearls, the demand for men’s jewellery has never been higher. These collections have been inspired by echoes of futurism, cubism and art deco, to fulfil the male diamond demand!
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Jazz Collection
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A pair of ‘Jazz’ design cufflinks set with Ashoka cut diamonds in 18 carat Single Mine Origin white gold

The Jazz Collection

Influenced by the Art Deco movement, the original Jazz collection takes its cues from the visual intricacies of cut glass. However, the latest additions to the collection are a stylistic evolution, that draw inspiration from Futurism and Cubism – artistic movements that led into the Art Deco period.

The bangles are a fusion of geometrical patterns and bold lines, echoing the spirit of innovation that marked the early 20th century. They pay homage to the creative energy and avant-garde spirit that defined the Jazz Age, infusing it into the design, representing the era that forever changed the landscape of art, music, and fashion.

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‘Jazz’ bangle set with three Ashoka cut diamonds in 18 carat Single Mine Origin yellow gold
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‘Jazz’ bangle set with an Ashoka cut diamond in 18 carat Single Mine Origin white gold

“We are delighted to be launching our first exclusively men’s jewellery ranges. Both collections have been designed with an appreciation for artistry, layering and versatility.”

James Amos, Boodles Director

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‘Manhattan’ design ring set with an Ashoka cut diamond in 18 carat Single Mine Origin white and pink gold

The Manhattan collection

The Manhattan collection is comprised of an array of bangles, rings, and cufflinks that have been designed to capture the essence of the urban elegance of New York City. With clean, crisp lines and flat surfaces, they invoke an architectural feel, paying homage to the iconic skyline of New York. In line with the theme of New York and exclusive to Boodles in the UK, the pieces feature Ashoka cut diamonds that are cut in Manhattan itself, by friends of Boodles, the Goldberg family.