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“It is a privilege to see the leading tennis players in the world play in such intimate and relaxed surroundings. Games are competitive and tense but there is also a chance for strategies to be tested and playful personalities to shine through.”

Michael Wainwright, Boodles Managing Director

The Boodles is not only the perfect English Garden party but the hidden gem of sporting events. This five day tennis exhibition is situated in the beautiful grounds of Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, England and is held in the week before Wimbledon giving guests the opportunity to watch some of the world’s top tennis players as they warm up for the iconic British championship, whilst enjoying the finest cuisine and idyllic surroundings. Since 2002, the event has welcomed tennis stars including Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and Rafael Nadal.

The stadium is designed so that no seat is further than 10 metres from the grass court itself permitting a feeling of real involvement and a true sense of the speed and power of the shots. Entertainment is inevitably part of the day as players reveal their lighter sides and sense of humour and show a genuine enjoyment of their sport.

“The idea was to create a summer garden party that happened to host world class tennis at the same time. This goal has been embraced by everyone involved in the organisation of The Boodles and by all the people who come and play or visit. It really is a wonderful day out.”

Patricio Apey, Founder of ‘The Boodles’

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