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The Savoy Collection, By Boodles

The Savoy collection was designed to mark the 10th anniversary of Boodles presence within the iconic hotel.


Introducing The Savoy Collection, By Boodles. Inspired by the Art Deco splendour of the magnificent, The Savoy Hotel, the suite is comprised of a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings, featuring radiant cut diamonds set in Single Mine Origin yellow gold. The pieces of jewellery in the suite mirror the striking glamour and elegance that is experienced the moment the iconic hotel is entered. Boodles has been proud to be a part of The Savoy’s glamorous history for over 10 years, and The Savoy Collection, By Boodles reflects the magic and enchantment of the hotel itself.

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The Savoy Collection Earrings
The Savoy Hotel

The hotel famously blends Edwardian and Art Deco aesthetics and as a striking blend of both, The Savoy Collection, By Boodles makes a statement. Situated on the river, water references can be picked up throughout The Savoy’s features. Decorative fountains, mirror etchings and art canvases pay subtle homage to water, and ultimately to beautiful movement and constant renewal. This is reflected in the ribbon-like silhouette of the necklace and bracelet, which symbolise the movement of water in the river parallel to the hotel itself. The open chain links of the pieces are inspired by the impressive chandeliers situated in the foyer of the hotel. Furthermore, the deco geometry of the cocktail shakers in the iconic bar area are reflected by the facets of diamond cuts in the suite, while the white enamel adds a modern twist to the collection.

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The Savoy Collection Necklace

“We were thrilled to be invited to open a boutique within the world-famous Savoy Hotel. There are many synergies between Boodles and The Savoy; the most evident of which is that they are both iconic British brands. We believe it to be the perfect marriage.”

Michael Wainwright, Boodles Managing Director

“With this collection, we hope to encompass the remarkable history of The Savoy Hotel and create a radiant, glistening story, in a modern yet pared back way” 

Tamara Tuganova, Designer

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