Single Mine Origin Gold

Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold, a traceable source of gold is now being used in Boodles collections.


"Boodles and Betts Metals have been doing business together since my Grandfather's time. Also a British family business which dates back to the 1800's, Betts' heritage lies in gold refining." -

Jody Wainwright, Director of Precious Gemstones -

Gorgeous as gold often is, it’s important to consider how its warm, glowing smoothness finds its way to our necks, hands and wrists.

We all know that gold comes from gold mines (although panning yields a bit here and there). And we also know that mines mean hard work: they are deep, dark, frequently dirty, and certainly no place for children.
As a sixth-generation family jewellers, we have no plans to give up on gold. But we’re committed to doing all that we can to ensure the gold we sell is mined ethically, and can be fully traced.

With that intention, our Director of Precious Gemstones, Jody Wainwright, sought a way to guarantee the provenance of future sources of Boodles gold.

And as luck would have it, he didn’t have to look far. An old school friend, Dan Betts, was managing an innovative gold mine in Yanfolila, West Africa. Dan’s family had a long tradition in gold. Like Boodles, their firm was established in England during the eighteenth century; Dan’s grandfather had actually supplied gold to Boodles generations ago, when Captain Anthony Wainwright was at the helm of our company.

What was exciting about the mine at Yanfolila was the fact that not only was gold being processed to the highest sustainable standards; it was also being managed with the wider community in mind. Produced and refined from one single mine and plant, this ‘Single Mine Origin’ gold supports miners being paid a just wage under secure and safe employment.

Sourced Responsibly

Gold at Yanfolila is mined in line with the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles, which are followed all the way from smelting and refining through to delivery to the customer. Every gram of gold is fully documented and audited. And the infrastructure built up surrounding the mine helps improve the lives of local villagers. In recent years water towers, schools, market gardens and hospital clinics have been developed to raise living standards and support the mine workers.

Excited by the work that he saw, Jody brought the news back to Boodles and the family committed to a firm partnership with Dan and his team.

As a result, we’re delighted to say Single Mine Origin gold is the only gold being used in new Boodles jewellery. As a customer, this puts you in the unique position of knowing exactly where the gold you wear has come from. Our partnership is supporting eight local schools, and creating opportunities for education and employment in rural African communities.

All Single Mine Origin pieces are also linked to a special QR code enabling you to find out more about the source of your gold and the good it is doing. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore some of these positive stories yourself. We believe this is just the beginning – but it’s a journey were excited to take.