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  • The central Ashoka cut diamond within the Boodles 220th Anniversary Necklace weighs 270 carats the additional Ashoka diamonds weigh a total of 3943 carats HighJewellery AshokaDiamond BoodlesJewellery
  • Boodles 220th Anniversary Necklace as featured in TheWeekFashions Time  Jewels specialBoodlesJewellery TheWeek TheWeekFashion TimeAndJewels
  • The 220th Anniversary Necklace is an exceptional design feat for Boodles BoodlesJewellery AshokaDiamond HighJewellery JewelleryDesign
  • Boodles Ashoka diamond EngagementRings alongside a photo of previous Boodles owner the late Anthony Wainwright on his wedding day in 1946 AshokaDiamond BoodlesJewellery BoodlesArchive AlwaysAStory
  • AshokaDiamond Boodles Director Jody Wainwright in conversation with fellow family-business owner Saul Goldberg of William Goldberg Diamonds BoodlesJewellery WilliamGoldberg
  • Which are your favourite Ashoka diamond ringsAshokaDiamond BoodlesJewellery EngagementRings
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