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  • Bring your basket with you the fruit is ripe and ready Precious jewels Pulpy and perfect for sugar and cream A fragrant and fine meadow feast Pop open some fizz and spread out the blanket Theres hardly a day more delightful- Strawberry PickingBoodlesJewellery BoodlesWonderland
  • Oakmoss Wood bark You can make the night dance for you Crossing her threshold like a whisper Dressing in garlands silk threads and gossamer Stars wheeling their way towards dayBoodlesJewellery BoodlesWonderland
  • And what will you make of the night Will you curl it around you like a warm woollen blanket Will you sleep in forgetfulness or wander in dreams Or will you light fires at the edge of a forest sparking embers from the palms of your hands- Ethereal NightBoodlesJewellery BoodlesWonderland
  • Swooping seas for millions of years Glimpsing new things we call dinosaurs But that was a long time ago Galapagos greens swim beneath the Pacific Do you see him Hes coming our way And if you followed where would he take you- The Sea Turtle TaleBoodlesJewellery BoodlesWonderland
  • Five million pieces of silver were as seeds for this great Summer Palace Each one sparkling glister eternal- The Summer PalaceBoodlesJewellery BoodlesWonderland
  • A dragonfly circled the petals Then rested balanced weightless on a flower Levitating it began its flight again And as blue and green wings traced a route through the dahlias- The Dragonfly and DahliaBoodlesJewellery BoodlesWonderland
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