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  • Boodles Blossom is the perfect symbol of youthful joy with petals that sparkle with diamond dew drops Boodles Blossom diamonds RoseGold
  • During the Middle Ages it was thought that opals harnessed power and good luck Boodles birthstone
  • Opal is the birthstone for October a kaleidoscope of colour they are magical looking gemstones Boodles
  • EmmaThompson at the BFI London Festival wearing Boodles Circus earrings TheMeyerowitzStories premiere RedCarpetJewels
  • A diamond-set watch is the perfect touch of sparkle to brighten up a rainy day RaindanceWatch Boodles
  • RaindanceWatch Boodles Head of Design Rebecca Hawkins says I am drawn to water as an infinite source of inspiration due to its unstructured and ever changing nature Raindance
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