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  • The Eden bracelet and ring perfectly capture the essence of a British summers day with a pop of delicate pink diamonds to set the mood BoodlesJewellery
  • With its shimmering cascades of diamonds Raindance is reminiscent of sprinkled raindrops glistening in the sun BoodlesJewellery BoodlesRaindance
  • Our family is not just our family Ive adopted a lot of family along the way - yasminlebonBoodlesJewellery AFamilyStory
  • Family values are at the heart of everything we do and the stories in our latest campaign touch upon some precious family moments - and jewellerys special place in them Discover more by clicking on the link in the bioAFamilyStory BoodlesJewellery
  • Introducing the celebrated British supermodel Yasmin Le Bon and her eldest daughter Amber a DJ and model in her own right as the faces of our new campaign  AFamilyStory BoodlesJewellery Ft yasminlebon and amberlebonofficial
  • The feeling that Boodles is a family company comes through in everything we do Introducing AFamilyStory BoodlesJewellery
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