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  • Boodles Snowdonia vivid blue moonstones in round cabochon cuts are set against glittering mini diamond-set mountains ThePoetryOfLandscape BoodlesJewellery
  • The motifs within Boodles Snowdonia have a fern-like structure inspired by the evergreen plants that flourish throughout the national parkThePoetryOfLandscape BoodlesJewellery
  • On a clear day you can see Scotland England and Ireland from the peaks of Snowdon in Wales Theres a spirit of magic in the air where King Arthur felled giants and frosty white peaks inspired Boodles creations ThePoetryOfLandscape BoodlesJewellery
  • The beautiful view of the Yorkshire landscape through the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey formed the idea for Boodles Rievaulx designsThePoetryOfLandscape BoodlesJewellery
  • Rievaulx Abbey and its surrounding fauna inspired the structural diamond-set shapes within the Boodles Rievaulx suite BoodlesJewellery ThePoetryOfLandscape
  • Everywhere peace everywhere serenity and a marvellous freedom from the tumult of the world wrote Aelred abbot of Rievaulx Abbey almost 900 years ago Forming the story behind a beautiful new Boodles suite ThePoetryOfLandscape BoodlesJewellery
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