The Boodles Blossom Watch

Skipping back a century and a half to the time of William Wainwright – Boodles chairman Nicholas Wainwright’s Great-Great-Great Uncle – we’ve uncovered an exciting element of Boodles history hidden away in the intricate pocket watches designed and created by William himself in 1865.

Following in his footsteps, we’re delighted to extend our fine jewellery portfolio to include a brand new offering, The Boodles Blossom Watch. A celebration of British design, masterminded by Head of Design, Rebecca Hawkins, the new wristwatch brings together expert craftsmanship and signature Boodles style.

Each watch is individually handcrafted in Bienne in Switzerland, and features the iconic stylised flower motif from the popular Boodles Blossom range. As Rebecca says, “Boodles Blossom is one of our best known collections and it is particularly representative of our aesthetic. We wanted our first watch to be closely in tune with our design narrative”. This also means that The Boodles Watch can be worn alongside other pieces from the Blossom range, the perfect compliment to the collection.

Taking its inspiration from oriental textile designs, woodcuts and illustrations, and cherry blossom petals, as well as from the delicate threads woven into silk kimonos, the blossom motif has been reimagined as an asymmetrical, diamond set pattern, with multiple blossoms layered on top of each other to create a spray of flowers in full bloom. Constructed with much care and attention, each watch combines diamonds, hand cut mother of pearl, and white and rose gold to create a beautiful piece of high jewellery. “The mother of pearl is representative of the petal texture and iridescence and the diamonds of light, spring sunshine, and the tradition of Hanami”, says Rebecca.

Boodles Blossom watches

In total, there are two sizes and 15 different variations of the Boodles Watch to choose from, all of which will be available to purchase from our showrooms from the 1st November.

The next logical step for the Boodles brand, the new watch signals the start of a new dedicated watch collection, with plans to expand the designs across other themes and motifs. Our advice? Stay tuned.