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Fit is all important...

We want you to buy the right size jewellery, especially rings. So please take a minute to read our Boodles sizing guide.

If you have any additional questions, please call us on +44 (0)20 3435 4400, or pop by to one of our stores and have a chat with us in person. We are delighted to help in any way we can.



Working out your size

You may already know your ring size, based on a ring you own that is a comfortable fit. If not, you can request one of our free ring sizers here. Another fail-safe way to work out your size is to bring a ring that is worn on the same finger as the one you want to buy into a Boodles shop and we will measure it for you. Alternatively, visit a local jeweller and ask if they might be kind enough to size your finger.

How to ensure the perfect fit

Fingers tend to be larger at the end of the day, so please bear this in mind when you are trying on rings. Do not try on a ring if your hands are cold because your fingers may be up to half a size smaller. A ring should fit snugly on your finger but still be loose enough to remove without too much tugging.

Buying a ring for someone else

If you are planning a secret proposal or surprise present  for someone, you will need to glean their ring size without their knowledge. Ask friends and family first. If that is unsuccessful, borrow a ring that they wear on the same finger and bring it into one of our boutiques to be sized. Don’t let getting the wrong size put you off surprising them. When they see the lengths you have gone to pick the perfect ring, they will be more than happy to wait a few more days to wear it. 

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International ring sizes

Other countries label their ring sizes differently. Please refer to the chart below to find out your Boodles ring size.

UK, Ireland, Australia,
New Zealand
China, Japan, India, South America Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands
H 4 7 6.75
I 8 8
J   8.75
5 9 9.25
K   10
10 10.5
L   11.25
6 11 11.75
M 12 12.5
13 13.25
N   13.75
7 14 14.5
O   15
15 15.75
P   16.25
8 16 17
Q   17.5
17 18.25
R   19
9 18 19.5
S   20.25
19 20.75
T   21.5
10 20 22
U 10¼ 21 22.75
10½ 22 23.25
V 10¾   24
11 23 24.75


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 Classic-length necklaces - 46 cm (18-inch) - are our most popular style. They fall just below the neck and slightly lower if a pendant is attached.

Our longer opera-length necklaces are a versatile alternative. They tend to be between 99 cm and 109 cm (39 inches and 43 inches) and are designed to fall just below the bust.

If you would prefer a different length chain, we are happy to provide one if requested. 

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Our bracelets measure an average 18 cm (7-inches). We are able to shorten most bracelets for the perfect fit, but lengthening can be more difficult. Lengthening bracelets depends on the construction of the links, and may require us to make a new bracelet. Please contact us to find out more about our free alteration service.

If the jewellery you have purchased is not a perfect fit, we are happy to exchange any unworn item for a different size in store. We offer a free returns and exchange policy for items bought online. Details will be enclosed with delivery, or read about them here.

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