Prolonging Jewellery's Life



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prolonging jewellery's life

We recommend that you remove your jewellery when cleaning, gardening or playing sport.

Avoid contact with nail polish remover, perfume or hairspray. For this reason, jewellery should be the last thing on and the first thing off.

Clean your jewellery regularly with professional products, making sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions. Once a year, get your jewellery professionally cleaned at a Boodles shop.

Keep your jewellery somewhere dry, with low humidity. Damp, hot conditions may tarnish metals and damage pearls, watches and certain stones over a period of time.

When washing your hands away from home, do not place rings on the wash basin – remove them and attach them on to your necklace, or store them safely in your handbag.

Never go swimming in your jewellery. Chlorine and salt can damage gemstones and precious metals.