'Pinky' Rings

Boodles is delighted to unveil an exciting new collection of diamond-set ‘Pinky Rings’. The collection features delicate rings, intricately decorated and designed to be worn on the smallest finger of the hand:‘the pinky’.

Boodles is known for its signature shade of ‘Boodles Pink’ and the company’s in-house design team were looking to create a collection that playfully celebrated this characteristic hue. ‘Rose gold’ is a recurrent feature in Boodles jewellery, the ‘pinky’ gold colour fitting perfectly with the brand’s overall design aesthetic.

This creative play on words struck Boodles designers as a fun source of inspiration for a new collection of ‘Pinky Rings’ using a mix of rose and white gold with diamonds.

Boodles Pinky rings
Boodles Pinky rings

Boodles Head of Design Rebecca Hawkins explains, “It occurred to me that the area along the side of the hand has historically been slightly neglected in jewellery. I decided to design rings specifically for the little finger with a non-symmetrical detail set along one edge of the band to embellish the side of the finger as well as the top.” The intricate beauty of each ring is therefore apparent from a 360 degree view of the wearer’s hand.

Boodles Pinky ring

The ring designs are decorative and precise, echoing the traditional ‘Mehndi’ henna hand-painting of Indian and Arabic cultures. Referencing motifs from past and present Boodles designs, Rebecca and her team translate the ‘Pinky Ring’ concept to fit Boodles modern, British aesthetic; the rings combine the company’s sophisticated design language with exotic elements seen within the fine, elaborate designs of henna hand art.

Pink diamonds and rose gold have played a prominent part in the vocabulary of Boodles design for over 25 years. Boodles new ‘Pinky Ring’ Collection celebrates this through a playful pun and an elegant series of designs.

Boodles Pinky rings