Director of Precious Gemstones, Jody Wainwright, makes it his priority to source some of the world's most exciting gemstones, which are used to bring Boodles jewellery to life, whether these are exceptionally rare sapphires and rubies, or tanzanites only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.
“If it talks to you, sparkles and is bright and alive, then that’s the most important thing of all” - jody WAINWRIGHT -
Boodles eternity rings

Boodles Diamonds

At Boodles we are captivated by diamonds and search the world for the best. This is not a mere pastime. Our curiosity has made us one of the world's experts. It is our belief that you cannot spend too much time looking for the perfect stones, and whilst some might compromise on quality through second-rate stones or lower grades of gems, we make it our duty to uncover the truly extraordinary.

Boodles Ashoka Ring
Boodles Ashoka Diamonds in the Workshop


loose Ashoka diamond

Boodles is the only British jeweller to offer the coveted Ashoka cut diamond, which is renowned both for its rarity and the incomparable sparkle of its 62 facets.

Named after the Indian Emperor Ashoka, these stones have rounded corners and combine the elegance of an emerald cut with the radiance of a brilliant cut.

The rarity of these stones cannot be contested, less than two percent of diamonds mined can be cut in this way, and we are delighted to be able to offer something quite so unique.

Boodles Coloured Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are an incredible gift from nature, combining the purity of white diamonds with a richness of appearance more often found in flora than in minerals. The variety of colours is as endless as it is spectacular, from yellows and greens to blues and pinks. Of course, they are also incredibly rare, accounting for just a tiny fraction of a percent of all the rough diamonds that are mined every year.

Boodles Pink Diamond
Boodles Pink Diamond

Argyle Pink

Boodles Vintage pink

At Boodles we are proud to have been chosen as a 'Select Atelier' for the spectacular 'Argyle Pink Diamonds'.

We join an exclusive group of diamantaires and retailers with the unique
privilege of being able to acquire these pink diamonds directly from the mine.



We have an enduring passion for coloured gemstones. Their natural beauty fires the creative imagination of our designers, who never tire of finding new ways to present these magical stones in one of our stunning designs.

Capt. Anthony Wainwright

Diamond and gemstone sourcing around the world is not new to Boodles, as a 1962 newspaper interview reveals.

``Globe-trotting gem searcher: Ceylon, India, Siam, Hong Kong, Hawaii, San Francisco, New York..... these were some of the places visited recently by Mr H.A. Wainwright, Managing Director of Boodle & Dunthorne, in his search for rare and valuable stones.``

H.A. Wainwright was the 4th generation of the family to run Boodles. His passion for buying precious stones has passed on to his son Nicholas Wainwright and now his grandson Jody Wainwright.

Boodles Greenfire Filming
Jody Wainwright


Boodles Greenfire Necklace

Boodles Director Jody Wainwright travels all over the world in search of gemstones of unparalleled quality, which not only meet Boodles exacting standards, but also possess their own unique soul.

A set of emeralds from the Muzo mine in Columbia was the subject of Channel 4's documentary 'The Million Pound Necklace: Inside Boodles', which followed the journey of these stones as they passed through our design team and workshop, finding their final home in a spectacular suite of handcrafted high jewellery inspired by the play of sunlight on leaves.


Craftsmanship & Design

All Boodles jewellery is designed in Britain and then made by master craftsmen who combine unparalleled technical precision with creative flair.


Quintessentially British

Combining the best of British tradition with a contemporary and modern approach, Boodles has been designing and selling jewellery for well over two centuries.

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