Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

Across the breadth of 1.6 billion years, journeying from the crucible of the earth, emerges the most intriguing diamond in history.
Revered for its exquisite beauty and provenance, the Argyle pink diamond is coveted as the most esteemed diamond in the world. Embedded within the facets of each Argyle pink diamond is a story of unique provenance – a delightful and intriguing narrative of nature’s forces, geological evolution and the destinies of all who have guarded it on its journey.
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Jody Wainwright, Director of Precious Gemstones at Boodles, recounts his experience of
purchasing Argyle pink diamonds at the secret location of ‘The Argyle Tender’ in New York.

By invitation only, Boodles are one of a small number of Argyle Pink Diamond select Ateliers.

A historic collection showcasing 64 carefully curated Argyle pink diamonds, the Argyle Pink ‘Everlastings Collection’ offers a fleeting opportunity to behold a rare collection of premium
colour-graded Argyle pink diamonds.

Argyle pink diamonds
Jody Wainwright

“We made our way up to the anonymous suite, there was nothing to distinguish it from any other except that it was heavily guarded. It was an astonishing sight, laid out on the table were 64 Argyle pink diamonds each one in its own case. It was a collection that showcased Argyle’s most valuable gemstones, the rarest and the most beautiful. As I inspected about 20 gemstones I managed to narrow down my choice to eight extremely special stones, which I planned to bid on. There was a vast variety of different shades of pink, cuts and clarity, but some felt more exceptional to me than others.

In the adjoining suite there was a one-off opportunity to examine the ‘Everlastings Collection’ which comprised of matching pink diamond sets, known as diamond ‘layouts’. These were equally exciting, though their glory would be as much about the designs as the stones in their own right - a challenge which our team of designers thrive on at Boodles."

Arygle pink diamonds
"We are now awaiting the results of the sealed bids with anticipation…
watch this space."