'Be Boodles'

Spring 2018 sees the introduction of some beautiful new additions to the well-known and loved ‘Be Boodles’ collection.

Taking inspiration from the brand name itself, the collection incorporates the letter ‘B’ for Boodles into an abstract and feminine motif reflective of the brand’s contemporary design.

For the original inspiration, Boodles designers looked at delicate fabric samples such as antique lace; noticing the defined, curving shapes and delicate openwork patterns and incorporating these into the design.

The typically neutral colour of lace is imitated through the white diamond side of the designs and offset by classic rose gold. This feminine colour pairing is characteristic of Boodles.

'Be Boodles' bracelet
'Be Boodles' pieces

The lacy ‘B’ motifs are set as a mirrored pair; some inset with diamonds and others use diamond-pavé openwork. This symmetrical arrangement of positive and negative space creates a delicate balance. Boodles designer Aiyna Singh said, ‘Lace as a material has always captivated me. With Be Boodles, I wanted to illustrate the delicate balance between sheer and opaque to create something with contrast, but in a subtle style.’

Pieces created from 18 carat rose gold and platinum.

'Be Boodles' ring