Set Descending Direction

Following on from the success of 2017's high jewellery collection, 'The Poetry of Landscape', Boodles has launched several new suite editions to the collection this year.

 Inspired by aspects of Britain’s natural landscape, climatic conditions and seasonal change, these creations bring together the main sources of Boodles design aesthetic and the ways in which it has developed since Head of Design Rebecca Hawkins joined the company 25 years ago.

The suites of jewellery that make up this collection weave together new themes alongside influences from Boodles past creations. Enticing gemstones ranging from pink opals to moonstones, peridots, green tourmalines, soft blue aquamarines and yellow beryls hint at pale sunlight, celebrate the beauty of cool misty greys and the vivacity of new green foliage; characteristics that make up the essence of British landscape and inspirations which are integral to Boodles design aesthetic.

Boodles dedication to world class design is at the heart of everything we do and is what makes Boodles jewellery so special. Akin to works of art, our high jewellery collections are made by the very best British craftsmen and feature some of the world's rarest and most sought after gems.

Exceptional British Design

All Boodles jewellery is designed in Britain and then made by master craftsmen who combine unparalleled technical precision with creative flair.


Quintessentially British

Combining the best of British tradition with a contemporary and modern approach, Boodles has been designing and selling jewellery for well over two centuries.

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