jonny gould
Senior Sales Consultant
Jonny Gould

How do you see your career progressing at Boodles?

I am currently a Sales Consultant in the Chester showroom. After four years, I have gained a lot of experience, which in turn has allowed me to become an experienced member of the Chester team.
There is a lot of support from the directors when it comes to progressing in this role, whether it is going into further sales or in to management.

Describe your average day.

My average day consists of preparing the showroom in the morning. After this I am mainly in touch with any existing clients and working through enquiries I may have, whilst creating opportunities for myself to meet new people. My favourite part is when we have someone who walks in to the showroom, I love getting to know new people, introducing them to Boodles and our jewellery as much as I do spending time with my existing clients who are like friends.

What opportunities have you been given at Boodles?

I have been lucky enough to have been given a number of different opportunities by Boodles.
Some have involved trips abroad to meet clients or attend amazing events. I have also been given the opportunity to organise my own events which I really enjoy co-ordinating. On top of this, the Directors are very keen for us to expand our learning so we are often given the chance for extra training courses.

What qualities does Boodles look for in its salespeople?

I believe the most important factor is being passionate about Jewellery and Boodles. Also, you need to be an outgoing, social, person with individuality and confidence.
A strong drive and work ethic is also needed as we do a lot of entertaining outside of normal working hours.

Describe the Boodles culture.

The Boodles culture is very much like a family, we like building lasting relationships as well as having lots of fun! We are also very fortunate to have four directors who are heavily involved in the day to day running of the company. They are always around for any advice we may need or to keep us updated with anything new in the business.

If you could swap places with another Boodles employee for the day, who would it be and why?

I would swap with one of the Directors, Jody Wainwright. The reason being as Jody goes to different places around the world to source the finest diamonds and gem stones. We have heard about trips to Australia for Black Opals, New York to visit one of our famous Diamond cutters and even going into an active diamond mine to understand the process! Being able to experience this side of the business is rare, as we normally see the finished piece of jewellery.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying for a job at Boodles?

It is a fantastic job and I feel very lucky to be with the company. For anyone thinking of applying, I can guarantee you are well looked after. In return I would advise that a strong work ethic is needed, also have a passion for the role and Boodles.

Describe Boodles in five words.

Interesting, fun, rewarding, exciting, socaiable

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