“Boodles means a tremendous amount to me. We are a genuine family business with generations of involvement. It is a significant part of my family’s life.”

Nicholas Wainwright

Nicholas Wainwright has been working at Boodles for over 43 years and he is now the Chairman of the company. He remains 100% active and involved and his role is as diverse as ever, as he takes an interest in every aspect of the business, from mentoring staff to hosting events.

Perhaps his true passion lies in the work he does with the Design Department, an area he is devoted to and very enthusiastic about.

“We are unbelievably fortunate our product is beautiful fine jewellery - every day we are dealing with absolutely lovely creations.  Determining which designs and collections are developed and turned into reality is a genuinely exciting and enjoyable part of my role.”

Nicholas is determined that each generation of the family and each new undertaking within Boodles will be better than the last.  He is focussed on driving the business forward and encouraging the next generation and younger directors to be instrumental in this progress.

“Boodles is a completely unique company and being privately owned we have the freedom to plan for the future and celebrate our individuality.  Besides, I enjoy it far too much to sell out”.

Name a family trait you feel you have inherited.

Integrity, from my father.

What is your favourite gemstone and why?

It has to be diamonds. White, yellow or pink — they never fail to excite me.

Which talent would you most like to have?

To be a scratch golfer.