“I hope the team at Boodles are considered by everyone to be very approachable and friendly and we aim to do everything to ensure our customer service is truly outstanding.”

Michael Wainwright
Managing Director

After 30 years at Boodles, Michael assures he has never thought of doing anything else. As the Managing Director of the company he has an interest in all aspects of the business - from product creation and delivery, to the shops and staff and through to the more strategic issues such as the future direction and expansion of the company.

”Boodles is a way of life for me now. I genuinely love coming to work, which is very lucky. All the directors get on incredibly well and the staff feels like one big happy family of over one hundred people.“

Michael is very aware that his father preserved and kept the business for himself and his brother Nicholas and he too feels the business is something to be looked after for future generations. His son and daughter are already expressing an interest in a working life at Boodles.

”So much has changed during my time at Boodles and this is what keeps the business fresh and exciting. I am not a micro manager in any way, I believe in letting the next generation flourish and encouraging the staff we have chosen to thrive and progress within the company.“

What is your favourite gemstone and why?

Ashoka cut diamond - unique to Boodles.

What was your last luxury purchase?

A case of half bottles of 1989 Sauternes.

What are the two top qualities you look for in your staff?

A can-do attitude and integrity.