“We all like a sparkly diamond within two seconds but it's the one that takes your breath away immediately that counts.”

Jody Wainwright

“I particularly enjoy being involved in the sale of a piece of jewellery, when I remember where I first saw the stone and why I bought it - what drove me to it.  It completes the story and the journey that was somehow imagined and allows me to share and pass on the unique emotion a beautiful stone can carry within it.”

Like all four directors, Jody is involved in many areas of the Boodles business but it is to the discovery and acquisition of Boodles diamonds and precious gemstones that his energy and passion are predominantly devoted. 

His role takes him all over the world from Bangkok to New York and he has inherited and nurtured trusted relationships and friendships with people whom his grandfather or father dealt with for many years.

“I have a real soft spot for truly rare and exciting diamonds, which I see as an area for even further increased investment in coming years.  I recently bought three superb pink diamonds, all of which quickly found their new owners.  The challenge now is to find equally beautiful replacements!”

Jody’s enthusiasm for gemstones is tangible.  He talks of how lively a stone is and asks whether it talks to you. For Jody, finding a really remarkable diamond is just like falling in love.  

Where are you happiest?

Probably on a desert island with a few people and belongings...

What is your favourite Boodles design and why?

The Fire Bird Suite. It's stunning and I'm not sure any other design house could do it as well.

Name your two top British hot spots.

Moel Famau in North Wales on a snowy day and Holy Trinity Brompton on a Sunday morning.