Boodles Design

Precious stones are only half of the Boodles story

Creativity and craftsmanship are central to all our collections and, consequently, our jewellery designs are very individual. Our jewellery is handmade to a high specification at our Boodles workshops in Britain. We only create pieces in small quantities and we don’t mass produce any designs. We are sticklers for perfection and, for us, it is all about attention to detail. We even hand polish behind the stones before they are set, even though it’s not an area that will ever be visible.

Our award-winning team of designers are passionate and dedicated. Every year, we launch contemporary new ranges that are feminine and wearable and showcase our craftsmen's skills with a new Wonderland collection: highly original, collectable jewels that are true one-offs. We favour balanced asymmetry and unexpected details, so that our jewellery surprises and delights.

We are a design-led business, and our philosophy is simple: seek out the finest gems and create stunning pieces of jewellery around them. We obsess over the little things so you’ll find diamonds on the reverse of our rings, which are not visible until you remove them, and exquisite detail on necklace clasps. Our Vintage rings are set with more than 100 tiny diamonds. It would be impossible to include any more – we tried it!

In fact, our design studio is creating such iconic jewellery that the Victoria & Albert Museum now exhibits our classic Boodles Raindance ring in its permanent jewellery collection that spans 1000 years of British jewellery — a testament to the talent of our head designer, Rebecca Hawkins, who created the ring.

Boodles bespoke

We offer a unique bespoke service which means you can be involved in the creation of a piece of fine jewellery at every stage of the process. You may have been inspired by something you have seen — a favourite place, a much-loved flower, or a magical sunset. Perhaps you have an idea for a piece of jewellery that you can’t quite put into words or maybe she just deserves something completely original. Choosing the bespoke service gives you the freedom to play with ideas and create something that is 100% personal, in the safe hands of one of our talented team of designers.

All our jewellery started life as a flash of inspiration. Discuss your ideas with the designer and they will involve you in the process, from first sketches to finished creation. Only when you’re happy with the design will your piece of jewellery become a reality. The end result: a unique piece of jewellery that will tell a story, capture a moment in time and be treasured for generations to come.

For more information about our bespoke service, please call +44(0)20 3435 4400, email us or visit one of our shops.